The Chola period is also remarkable for its sculptures and bronzesThis is an effort to put forward the best of Indian Arts and culture in this fascinating world and an attempt to bring above the handicrafts of Tamilnadu, the southern most state of Indian Sub-Contionent. At Nava Chola Industries we are manufacturing all types of bronze icons according to Silpa Shastra for Temples, Home Puja & Fancy Incons for Drawing Room, Reception Hall & Business Premises. We use the same hereditary process as back as 4500 years old since Chola king period called WAX PROCESS.

In-house customized services include bronze sculptors, bronze portraiture bust sculptors, marble statue production artisans, silicone mold makers, casting and foundry artisans all under one roof! We have the flair of taking your artistic desires, concepts and representations and turning them into works of art, full figure sculptures, portraiture busts, big statues, life-size statue monuments, wall plaques and bas-reliefs made of white marble or bronze.

We too specialized in making the panchaloga statues which are connected with Hindu religion and Hindu Gods,Religious statues, Indian Bronze statues and sheet metal works, Kavasams, Creative Lamps in Brass and Silver.

We are experts in making Indian Bronze Sculptures, Metal Icons, Traditional Sculptures, Ancient Chola Bronze Statues, South Indian Bronze Statues, Urchava Moorties, Panchadathu Vigrahas, Brass Vahanas, Bronze Master Pieces, Wall Decoratives, Brass Lamps, Sri Chakra Maha Meru with Abisheha Peedam, Kavachams, Kalasams, Shivalingam, Dwajasthambam etc.

We wish to thank our customers and clients for their continued friendship and support. To our future customers and to those considering, we welcome you to our personal production facility and look forward to a new and prosperous business relationship, one that will last and grow for many years to come!

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